Middlesex Modern House Tour

Saturday, October 10

10 am - 4 pm

Seven Houses

in five towns,

including two

in Lincoln

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Photos: Center image, Gaskill House, Lincoln, MA; J.Quincy Adams, 1940. Other four, Jacobs House, Lincoln, MA; Walter Bogner, 1942. Bookcover Breaking Ground: Henry B. Hoover, New England Modern Architect, 2015.

Friends of Modern Architecture / Lincoln

copyright 2015 FoMA/Lincoln


    FoMA/Lincoln works to increase awareness of Lincoln’s 20th century Modern    

    houses and their collective importance to the Town’s cultural history •

    Provides architectural and/or historic information to individual owners and    

    neighborhoods containing Modern houses • Collaborates with various Lincoln    

    organizations, town boards  and citizens to support policies and initiatives in

    historic and cultural preservation efforts



  1940 Gaskill House    

  by J. Quincy Adams


  and the 1942 Jacobs

  House by Walter

  Bogner (right)

  in Lincoln

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