Koolhaus House Life

a film by:

Ila Beka and

Louise Lemoine

On Saturday afternoon, January 30th, ninety-three people gathered for the Winter Carnival at the Codman Carriage house

for hot chocolate and a viewing of the film Koolhaus House Life.

Earlier in the day

and article about the film

was published in

the New York Times.

To read the article visit this link:


“Koolhaas Houselife is a small, smart, gently ironic, thoroughly delightful film that offers an affectionate but unflinching look at the everyday life of a contemporary architectural masterpiece” wrote Ada Louise Huxtable in her review of the film, released in 2008.

The house in question was designed in 1998 by the celebrated Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas for the family of the french publisher, Francois Lemoine who was confined to a wheelchair. The house, featuring a central moving platform, is so innovative in its design and function, that it is listed in France as a Monument Historique. But the real delight in viewing this film, is the point/counter-point between brilliant architecture and the practicalities of daily life, as embodied by the film’s no-nonsense, outspoken human star, the family’s housekeeper.