Deck House Symposium

An estimated 20,000 Deck Houses have been built all over the world since the company was founded in 1959 by William Berkes and Bob Brownell.  Deck Houses can be found as far away as Europe, Israel and South Korea, but they are especially prevalent in Boston’s Metro West suburbs - like Concord, Carlisle, and Boxford.   Lincoln has 80 Deck Houses - more than any other Modern architectural style in town.

Improbably, almost nothing has been published about Deck House or its founder.  The privately-held company was always focused on the product, not publicity, although it has legions of home owners who love their Deck Houses.

FoMA’s Deck House Symposium will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about this prominent post-WWII manufactured-home company, as we gather together a variety of people who worked for, lived in and admire the Deck House.  This symposium will feature many voices to weave together the story behind this storied local company.

Our featured speaker will be Robert G. Brownell, original Deck House partner, and developer of Lincoln’s Stonehedge neighborhood of twenty-three 1960s Deck Houses, who worked on site development and building at Deck House for 30 years.

Molly Tee, architectural designer of teehouse design, who has worked for Deck House for 30 years, and was special assistant to Mr. Berkes, will show slides and talk about current trends in updating Deck Houses.

Architect and architectural preservationist David Fixler, will speak on the importance of the Deck House to New England regional Modernism.

A Modern house realtor will speak on how Deck Houses are faring in the current real estate market.

We will also have former Deck House employees speaking about the Deck House designs, the building system and materials, and tips for maintaining your Deck House.

There will be information on a brand-new Deck house website for all things Deck, and an opportunity to form a Deck House owner’s club.

There will be lots of time to ask questions and answers of our outstanding panel of speakers.

More information on the speakers here.

We expect a very large crowd for the symposium, so please plan to arrive early (doors open at 6:30) because we will start promptly at 7PM.  Tickets are $5 at the door of the Brooks School Auditorium, Ballfield Road in Lincoln.