Conservation Easements in Lincoln

Conservation Easements in Lincoln are recorded on the property deeds of two Modern Houses. The Hollingsworth House oversite is provided through the Lincoln Conservation Commission and the Lincoln Historic Commission on behalf of the owners and the Town of Lincoln consistent with the Town's applicable Zoning By-Laws. The Booth House oversite is provided by the Lincoln Conservation Commission.

Booth Grindlay 1941 west.Ricks 2016 300 x 200Booth back elevation 300 x 200
The 1940 Booth House was designed by Lincoln resident and architect (John) Quincy Adams for Harvard classmate Robert Booth and his spouse, ALICE Booth. 

Hollingsworth House side 2 110505 2979f 300 x 200Hollingsworth House back 2 110505 2969f 300 x 200

The 1963 Hollingsworth House was designed by Lincoln architect and Russian emigre Constantin Pertzoff and Lincoln architect Frances Quarton for Lowell and Florence Hollingsworth.


Photography by Richard Mandelkorn